Cultural Mapping

This project represents a collaborative cultural mapping initiative with the Ese’Eja Nation.  The Ese’Eja are facing challenges to their culture and traditional ways of life like most indigenous groups in Amazonia.  In telling their story, and capturing their worldview, conservation ethic, and their plight, it is our goal to perpetuate a shift in thinking about indigenous people, like the Ese’Eja, who are often marginalized, invisible, and powerless.

The priority is to document the indigenous cultural practices and the native people’s land ethic, including their deep knowledge of, and spiritual connection to, the local ecosystem. A documentary hardback book, with various accompanying digital media components, will be created about the Ese’Eja Nation. Copies will be printed in Spanish for local distribution and in English to be distributed globally with proceeds benefitting the Ese’Eja communities. 

By thoroughly documenting our process through high quality video and audio recordings, as well as scans and photos of cultural artifacts, a Cultural Mapping Toolkit will be developed to provide other communities and cultures the tools needed to map and preserve their culture.