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Proceeds from donations, book sales, print sales and future exhibits will provide funds that the Ese’Eja can use in support of community projects, such as scholarships for Ese’Eja youth to attend college; safe drinking water systems; improved schools, including Ese’Eja teachers; expanded ecotourism opportunities; and more. They will decide. In addition, ACEER will educate the broader region on the needs of the Ese’Eja, and foster capacity development, conservation leadership, and empowering strategies to mitigate the erosion of their cultural identify. The Ese’Eja will continue to drive actions to address their needs, and their energy will be the engine to preserve their own culture.

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Book - Ancestral Lands Of The Ese'Eja: The True People

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Book - Ancestral Lands Of The Ese'Eja: The True People


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The book itself is beautiful, and the photos stunning. But the most extraordinary thing about this volume is hearing from the Ese’Eja themselves, in their own words. With thoughtful and measured words, they tell their story, from creation, to definition of their three worlds of Sky, Forest, and Water, through first contact with outsiders, and on to their current structure as the newly created Ese’Eja Nation. With voices that are direct but never bitter, they describe their interdependence with the forest that provides for their needs, and the challenges that they face from threats such as mining and large infrastructure projects such as roads.

This is one of the most extraordinary books I have ever read, in terms of words and pictures that stay with the reader. It is impossible to read without reflection on our common humanity. But I hope that this book will inspire more than reflection and lead each reader to become an ambassador of hope for the Esa’Eja, the True People.
—Dr. Nora Bynum, The Field Museum, Chicago, IL

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