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Proceeds from donations, book sales, print sales and future exhibits will provide funds that the Ese’Eja can use in support of community projects, such as scholarships for Ese’Eja youth to attend college; safe drinking water systems; improved schools, including Ese’Eja teachers; expanded ecotourism opportunities; and more. They will decide. In addition, ACEER will educate the broader region on the needs of the Ese’Eja, and foster capacity development, conservation leadership, and empowering strategies to mitigate the erosion of their cultural identify. The Ese’Eja will continue to drive actions to address their needs, and their energy will be the engine to preserve their own culture.

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Daguerrotype - Mateo an Ese'Eja Elder


Daguerrotype - Mateo an Ese'Eja Elder


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Mercury-Developed, Gold-Gilded Daguerreotypes by Andrew Bale and Jon Cox
Like many other indigenous peoples in the Amazon, the Ese’Eja are affected by mercury that is being dumped into their environment as a byproduct of illegal gold mining. These mercury-developed, gold-gilded images of Ese’Eja community members are created to draw attention to the mercury pollution being cast upon one of the world’s last remaining Amazonian cultures and the unique environment where they live.

Developed in 1839, daguerreotypes are the earliest photographic images, and have long been described as mirrors with a memory. When viewing each daguerreotype, you first see yourself reflected on the silver surface; and as you look deeper the portrait of an Ese’Eja becomes visible.

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